December 18, 2019




We BKK French Touch have so many services to offer and professional dancers are one of the services we have. We have all kinds of professional dancers you can think of and you can hire our professional dancers for your private or event, parties, weddings, ceremonies, music festivals, gala dinners, dance shows, and any kind of events you would like to host. Our professional dancers can perform basic dances, Thai dancing, tap dancing, jazz dancing, belly dancing, hip-hop dancing, classic dancing and so many more all you have to do is let us know which kind of dancing you would like to hire us for.


Our company’s professional dancers can perform whatever and however you prefer, we have a solo, duo, trio, quartet and even large group performances. Our professional dancers will leave you with a smile on your face, they will definitely give you the cathartic experience of Thailand. We have a lot of amazing professional dancers which you will get inspired by after watching their performance, you will get an amazing feeling while watching and you will want more.


Here at BKK French Touch, we take everything very seriously and with our professional dancers their dancing is very educational there is a story in every move they make which is why they are not just any dancers but extraordinary dancers and you will enjoy the performance. They will entertain you through the whole show and you will be inspired of how well they move because dance is art and we plan on giving you the most unique experience and best memories that will last with you forever, we will give you the most exquisite performance that will leave you speechless. We have a purpose of fulfilling your needs by giving you exactly what you wanted and more, we like our customers to appreciate our services as much as we appreciate them and we will show you with our services that we never take any customers for granted no matter how big or small the service you asked for is, we give out our outmost best to every customer.


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