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Selecting an event organizer, or a party organizer, especially if you want to hold a party in another city or another country, can be a bit complicated. Here you will know how to select perfect event planner in Thailand and its capital, Bangkok.

Determine your objective

If you want bachelor party, or a team building event in Bangkok, you should select an event organization or event management company that is good in this kind of meetings. One company can be good in organizing a bachelorette party, or in event rentals in Bangkok but without any experience in holding a corporate event, the other can be good in organizing an adventure tour, or boat party in Thailand but without any experience in holding conferences, or party rentals.

Clearly determine your expectations from this event – they will be a basis for any event organizer. Then plan your budget for the event and think what activities (and incentives) you want to include and why do you want to invite an outsourcer for event planning.

Organizers and agencies

While organizers do everything by themselves, agencies just hire organizers for you and you should pay them additional fee for almost nothing. The best option is to find in Bangkok not an agency but an event coordinator who will be fully responsible for your party, team building session, or treasure hunt. Working with an event planner allows you to control all the things before and during your event.

Make sure you can trust them and select the right one

How to select the right party planner in Bangkok? We offer you a kind of “road map” – just follow it!

  • Be sure that this event planning services company has a physical office in Bangkok and appropriate TAT license for cultural event, own transportation (cars, vans, or boats), and appropriate liability insurance for all event’s participants;
  • Check reviews of this company (pay attention on the reviews from big client names);
  • Check range of their services along with the choice of venues, policies on cancellations and refunds, presence of “Plan B” in their party planning for any unexpected situation;
  • Meet with them (in person or on Skype – if you are not in Thailand) and do not forget about perfect flawless follow up by them;
  • Choose Top-3 of party event planners based upon results of the previous steps and make you final selection.

We listed for you the leading event companies in Bangkok, best in their own domain:

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