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October 17, 2019




Since we are event organizers, we can also provide you with the show of your dream for your event. During a team-Building in Bangkok, a Gala dinner or a promotional event, everything is possible!

We have many shows to offer for you and it is often going with an activity in which your friends, colleagues or family can participate.

There are many different shows that we can organize for you, depending on what you would like to see:

  • Live band
  • Magicians
  • Mentalist
  • Hip Hop break dance
  • Thai boxing show
  • Thai dancing show
  • Fire show
  • DJs
  • Musical comedy
  • Circus/acrobats
  • Music groups (Jazz, Classical, etc)


As the show organizer, we can build a show that will make the public participate, there is the mentalist show or the Magicians show. During the magician, the show will allow some people of the assembly to participate in the show. During a Gala dinner, for example, this show is very interesting, and people like it. There are two options, the show star can make the people come directly to the stage or he can come around the tables to perform the show.


If you prefer to have something more festive, we have live band music or the Dj’s. They are really nice to install a great atmosphere during a gala dinner.


Finally, we can provide you with some more cultural shows, such as the Thai Boxing and the Thai Dancing shows. We are sure that you will enjoy the professionalism of our show star.

Concerning the Team-Buildings, we can also set up a show during the Gala-Dinner for a One-Day Team Building. This will allow all of the Team to share a great moment together by watching a nice show while they are eating. These shows are ideal for the foreigners that want to discover Thai culture.


The Team-Building is not the only occasion to let us organize a show. Indeed, we can provide you with a show for your promotional event, your party, your birthday, even your wedding! Imagine the effect for your guest to add a Fire show or a Musical Comedy to your event. With us, the show organization has not limited and we will do our best to fit as close as possible to your own very special needs.


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