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October 17, 2019




What is the most important thing at a party? Definitely the decoration, the general atmosphere, the WOW effect when your guests are coming to the event.

We can help you to reach this effect by taking care of the event decoration. We are able to meet all of your needs and to provide you with the unique ambience that you would like to have.


We will do the event decoration in Bangkok for any kind of event and in any style. Something classy for an Exhibition or a gala dinner, something more corporate for a team-building event or a conference. Your team will appreciate for sure a personalized decoration for your event. The corporate event will be a success if you are organizing it all with us. We can provide you with more than the event decoration, we can organize all of the team-building in Bangkok by ourselves and be sure that all of your needs and demands are respected. This is also less expensive for you to ask for the same company to do everything, including the event decoration.


We can also realize an event decoration for a wedding or a birthday. This need to be more personal more adapted to one person or to a couple of the day. We are here to listen to you and to make the decoration as representative as possible of the persons of the day.


The last event decoration possible Is the party or the bachelor party. We can, again, organize it all for you and make the decoration as close as possible from what you want. We can decorate a party-friendly Villa, Hotel room, Hotel Rooftop… Exactly depending on what you would like to have, depending on a theme or not.


Make your event Decoration great, give us a call and let us take care of your needs to give you the best event of your life!

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