October 25, 2018




Welcome to your all-in-one event management solution in Bangkok and Pattaya!

Bangkok Party Rentals is an exclusive and highly experienced event management company that primarily operates in Bangkok and Pattaya. We offer specialized planning and organization services for a variety of different kinds of parties and events. No matter the occasion, size, or location of your party we guarantee that our team of professionals will be able to work hand-in-hand with you to create the event of your dreams!

Planning and properly executing a large event is no small feat that’s for sure – there are a huge list of things that you need in order to make sure that your event will stand out as truly spectacular. In order to help you do this with as little stress as possible, we are happy to offer you an all-in-one solution to all your party needs. In addition to planning services, we offer party equipment rental, service and entertainment staff, event decor rental, and even a variety of unique transportation options all in Bangkok and Pattaya!

Whether you’re looking for party equipment rental, party staff, transportation, or event décor rental in Bangkok and Pattaya, don’t worry – we have you covered.

No matter what the size, scope or occasion of your event we will be able to plan the perfect party for you and hook you up with the most qualified & professional staff in Bangkok and Pattaya, as well as any top-notch party equipment rental you may need. In order to make sure your venue immediately stands out to all of your guests, we can help you lock down some of the most exclusive and exciting venues in Bangkok and Pattaya and in addition, set you up with some of the best event decor rental to really make your function stand out!

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